Lyons With Cameras

Community Outreach

William "Crazy" Graham

I hope everyone who sees this can tell why I found William Graham aka Crazy really interesting. I saw him picking flowers and putting them in his ear chain and immediately I needed to know more. It turned out we had more in common than I could have imagine. We both grew up in broken homes and we now have Moms who aren’t around anymore. He showed me the scars on his arms and told me of his suicidal tendencies and about how his anger issues allowed him to wind up in a mental institution. He now sleeps and stays in the park and he ended up being really fucking friendly. I asked him how he’s managing to stay calm and keep himself safe. He told me it was music. He constantly has music playing and even when his phone has no internet he remembers every lyric to his favorite songs so he always has the music in his head. We talked about bands and depression and if you ever see him know that he isn’t a bad guy, just left to his own devices and grew up with anger and without any guidance. He reminded me that others have a way harder time than most, and that if we take time to get to know someone it can put a smile on their face and just maybe it can help save someone’s life.

Josh Lyons